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Visit Planet Casper every Sunday afternoon at the Continental Club from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. You never know who might share the Planet with Casper that afternoon. What to expect? Expect anything from an all-acoustic show to an electric romp through blazing instrumentals. Casper is a musician's musician. And for Casper it's more than just being onstage. It's sharing his love of music with other musicians - and his audience of friends. It's stepping in front to erupt into a classic yet unpredictable Casper solo and stepping back to allow others their moment to shine. And often it's stepping to the side and trading licks with a fiery energy or a relaxing ease with the special guests he's gathered for you. Planet Casper is about the never-ending quest to uncover that juicy tidbit of music you never expected to hear. And for Casper, it truly is a labor of love. No wonder other musicians love to hook up on Sunday afternoons with Casper. They all seem to understand that the reward for playing music is just that-playing music. And the audience revels in the impromptu meeting of the musical minds that stays true to its front porch vibe.
Thanks for visiting Planet Casper. Please check the Calendar section for Casper's other public appearances.

"Casper is one of the finest musicians that I've ever worked with. Not only that, but such a fine person as well. I love him!" --Wanda Jackson

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